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Notification of upcoming updates

MedMira will be providing an update with the latest milestones achieved and additional news over the coming weeks. At this stage we would like to clarify the following:

  1. MedMira has successfully completed its annual surveillance audit for its MDSAP and ISO certification. No non-conformities have been found by the auditors.

  2. MedMira will provide a PR regarding its latest work with the John Hopkins University with the agreed details of the overall contract (funded by JHU/NIH).

  3. All submissions made by the company are progressing without any issues. Due to the vacation time in the months of July and August, certain processes have been slower than anticipated by the management.

  4. COVID-19 related work: as in the previous two years, during the summer months the COVID-19 cases have dropped. However, regulators and health agencies are anticipating a surge of new cases starting in October. MedMira is committed to provide the best possible products to support the continues (seasonal) fight against COVID-19.

Yours sincerely,

The Management of MedMira Inc.


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