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Update on Validation of VYRA™ CoV2Flu

By analyzing the mutation sites of N protein and their proportion according to the coronavirus sequences released by the GISAID database, full-length N protein recombinant antigens corresponding to VOC(Variants of Concern) and other mutant strains have been obtained as a mean to validate the current VYRA™ CoV2Flu antigen test’s sensitivity.

The testing variants includes:

- Omicron (B.1.1.529)

- Alpha (B.1.1.7+Q.x)

- Beta (B.1.351+B.1.351.2+B.1.351.3)

- Gamma (P.1+P.1.x)

- Delta(B.1.617.2+AY.x)

- VUM (B.1.640).

All antigens are tested positive. These results demonstrated VYRA™ CoV2Flu antigen test is capable in detecting each of the recombinant antigen of the listed variants.


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